Venus Factor Experience

Hey everyone. I just got the venus factor and am completing my first week. I love the program and how simple it is. It is a 12 week strict program designed to lose weight. My friend completed the program and told me how amazing it was. She lost a total of 5 pounds within 12 weeks which is quite impressive. I have always been lazy and never really wanted to work out but this program really does give me the motivation I need.

The Venus factor has been getting popular all over the world. I was looking up some reviews and most people say that they have had some success. Personally I think this program is great and I love the sales page- not like that matters any ways. If you are serious about losing weight I suggest you look into investing into the venus factor.

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Cooking With Garcinia

Today I decided to sprinkle some Garcinia extract into my rice and curry dish. One of my friends is from India and they taught me to make the curry using special Indian spices. Surprisingly the dish ended up testing perfectly as I added just the right amount of Garcinia cambogia. Normally I do not cook indian food however since Garcinia comes from India I decided to try the dish out. Some guests came over on the weekend and loved it. For me garcinia cambogia from south Africa¬†is the best when compared to India. The taste is much more powerful and I’m hoping it will help with the weight loss.

For weight loss you may be thinking -garcinia cambogia 1300 does it work? Lots of studies online have shown that it does indeed help you lose weight. Hopefully i experience the same result as the reviews.

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Cooking to Destress

Cooking is one way to de stress yourself and inspire creativity. With all the events happening in our lives we need a time to relax. Some people turn to yoga while some people turn to sports; For me I like to cook. This is why I created this cooking blog in order to document my experiences in relieving stress while also becoming a good cook. As a mother of 3 kids I am trying to change our diets and get away from eating fast food as much as possible. I realized that the only way to eat healthy is to become a better cook and purchase raw organic ingredients.

Since my kids are young I need to get them hooked on natural home made made foods rather than that of Burger King or Macdonalds. Also obesity runs in my family so both my husband and I are trying to love weight.

I love to fry but i am going to try and do as little of that possible. My family will try and incorporate veggies into our diets along with only lean beef, chicken and pork. The goal is to cut eating out to only twice a month.

Eating at home is not only healthier but cheaper which is another reason I am creating this blog. I am trying to learn how to become anorexic so I have to focus on healthy cooking. All my cooking will follow anorexia tips on the blog.

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How To Get A Bigger Penis Fast

One question most people ask is “how can i enlarge my penis”. Of course some would say this is not possible however for the few who know about the techniques, it definitely is. You may have heard of a product called the penis enlargement bible which boasts of large claims that men have increased their penis size by two inches after using the program. Mr. Collins is the creator of the program and known in medical institutes worldwide. His cutting edge penis enlargement techniques have been proven to be a success by the many men that follow him. He has unlocked the secret to making penis enlargement easy and possible. Do no believe when someone tells you that it is not possible as there is clearly a way. Look no further than the penis enlargement bible for your penis enlargement needs.

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Ganoderma For My Health

Recently I heard that Ganoderma was good for your health so I started to incorporate it, into my cooking. I now sprinkle Ganoderma extract into my pasta dishes to give them a nice flavor and also to make my cooking more healthy. One of my friends has told me how popular this stuff is so I decided to give it a try- and so I bought some from a store online. While the taste was bitter, it was interesting. I’m going to eat the extract and also drink the Ganoderma coffee to see what it can do to me. I suffer from a lot of joint pain and I read online that Ganoderma can help with that.

Personally I am a huge fan of natural cures and really against artificial cures or pills. This will be a nice thing to try as I heard so much about it. Stay tuned since I will post some updates later.

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Healthy meal #1- Pasta and fettuccine Alfredo

Pasta is a great food to stay healthy. I have just tried to make it this week and what a disaster it was. I added too much cheese and it ended up being the consistency of a pudding. Now I know I need to improve and will start reading cook books/ different recipes. Next Time I need to add more cream as I did not have enough when making the meal. Also I forgot the par meson which is essential to any pasta dish.

I am learning to be a good cook one step at a time.

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