Healthy meal #1- Pasta and fettuccine Alfredo

Pasta is a great food to stay healthy. I have just tried to make it this week and what a disaster it was. I added too much cheese and it ended up being the consistency of a pudding. Now I know I need to improve and will start reading cook books/ different recipes. Next Time I need to add more cream as I did not have enough when making the meal. Also I forgot the par meson which is essential to any pasta dish.

I am learning to be a good cook one step at a time.

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Ganoderma For My Health

Recently I heard that Ganoderma was good for your health so I started to incorporate it, into my cooking. I now sprinkle Ganoderma extract into my pasta dishes to give them a nice flavor and also to make my cooking  more healthy. One of my friends has told me how popular this stuff is so I decided to give it a try- and so I bought some from a store online. While the taste was bitter, it was interesting. I’m going to eat the extract and also drink the Ganoderma coffee to see what it can do to me. I suffer from a lot of joint pain and I read online that Ganoderma can help with that.

Personally I am a huge fan of natural cures and really against artificial cures or pills. This will be a nice thing to try as I heard so much about it. Stay tuned since I will post some updates later.

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The True Way To Lighten Your Skin Without Pills

I am sure that just like anyone you want to get lighter skin. This is no surprise since many men and women that  are light skinned have many advantaged. For example by having lighter skin your job opportunities increase immensely. People with light skin develop friendships better also. Nowadays skin whitening is somewhat of a grey area since all creams are only for temporary lightening. The top permanent skin whitening program is the skin whitening forever review. It is a customized program that enables you to become a shade lighter without having to go through any extreme process such as using bleaching substances. The program allows you to become lighter essentially in a quick and fast period with little to no effort involved. Many people are using the program and are having their skin become much lighter. There is no reason why you cannot too. Try out the ebook and see what it can do for you.

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Online Jobs In The Social Media Industry

Recently I have been hooked on  a new program called the paid social media jobs program. This new money making system is really working as they advertised and I am making more cash then ever before. I got tired of all those paid survey sites and wanted an income source that we could use to spend on leisure items rather than the necessities. Social media jobs are available to anyone with an internet connection and that has knowledge of different media platforms. Many of us fit into this category as social media is such a critical part of our lives. My paid social media jobs review is based upon what I think is a good money making platform and how well they train you for the jobs. When I got involved in this system, I was taught how to manage the social media accounts of different industries. I was taught how to make a fanpage on facebook more popular and also how to get chosen for social media assignments. While there is a small learning curve, it is really not something to worry about. All over the internet we hear about different work from home scams but this program is legit.  Check it out as there are limited spots on this program.

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Cooking to Destress

Cooking is one way to de stress yourself and inspire creativity. With all the events happening in our lives we need a time to relax. Some people turn to yoga while some people turn to sports; For me I like to cook. This is why I created this cooking blog in order to document my experiences in relieving stress while also becoming a  good cook. As a mother of 3 kids I am trying to change our diets and get away from eating fast food as much as possible. I realized that the only way to eat healthy is to become a better cook and purchase raw organic ingredients.

Since my kids are young I need to get them hooked on natural home made made foods rather than that of Burger King or Macdonalds. Also obesity runs in my family so both my husband and I are trying to love weight.

I love to fry but i am going to try and do as little of that possible. My family will try and incorporate veggies into our diets along with only lean beef, chicken and pork. The goal is to cut eating out to only twice a month.

Eating at home is not only healthier but cheaper which is another reason I am creating this blog. I am trying to learn how to become anorexic so I have to focus on healthy cooking. All my cooking will follow anorexia tips on the blog.

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Cooking With Garcinia

Today I decided to sprinkle some Garcinia extract into my rice and curry dish. One of my friends is from India and they taught me to make the curry using special Indian spices. Surprisingly the dish ended up testing perfectly as I added just the right amount of Garcinia cambogia. Normally I do not cook indian food however since Garcinia comes from India I decided to try the dish out. Some guests came over on the weekend and loved it. For me garcinia cambogia from south Africa is the best when compared to India. The taste is much more powerful and I’m hoping it will help with the weight loss.

For weight loss you may be thinking  does garcinia cambogia work? Lots of studies online have shown that it does indeed help you lose weight. Hopefully i experience the same result as the reviews.

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